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Listing your coin on the Oodlebit cryptocurrency exchange makes your coin accessible to thousands of traders in the USA and abroad!

What Oodlebit has to offer

Oodlebit is an easy to use trading platform with many great features and functionalities, housing thousands of traders in the USA and abroad.

  • Friendly and responsive support! The support team is standing by to answer your questions, and make your on boarding experience a good one.
  • Automated KYC process, get your account verified in a few minutes and begin trading.
  • Extremely fast deposits and withdrawals. Our custom built W.A.S.P wallet system is not only secure but artificially intelligent to keep your funds safe. Learn More
  • Rapid order matching, absolutely no order lag thanks to our custom trade matching engine.
  • Fiat Funding options - Buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency with your credit card. The purchased funds will automatically deposit into your account. USD Wire transfers are coming soon.
  • Trigger Notification System - Setup custom market rules and receive notifications when certain market conditions are met; like when a coin's price falls or rises.
  • Better Account Security: 2FA, Master Pin (key log proof technology), Emergency/Vacation Account freezing, Location/Device locking, Login notifications, and Custom account time outs.!
  • Lucrative Affiliate Program - Earn tiered OODL coin rewards per referral sign up and 50% commissions in real-time from each trade.
  • REST API - Use our complete REST API to build algorithmic trading bots and tools. Read API Documentation
  • OODL Coin - Use your OODL coin balance to pay for your trades and receive a 50% discount on the fees!

We're on your side

We're here to serve you, not the other way around. We understand the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into your project. The projects that are being built today, will change tomorrow. When you list with Oodlebit you'll receive the special attention, dedicated support, and respect you deserve. Submitting your coin to Oodlebit is free of charge, we'll never ask you for any listing fees.

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We're always looking for new and interesting coins to add to our trading platform. If you think your coin is a good fit for Oodlebit then submit your application today!

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