5 New Partnerships and Updates


With only a month left in the second quarter, we working very hard to finish up development, conduct a third party code audit, and start closed beta testing. While we still can not promise any dates we do have some exciting partnerships and updates to share with you today.

Live Server:
Our live server was successfully installed and is now fully up and running in an undisclosed co-location. This server will house the matching engine and more to seamlessly process our user’s trades.

Beta Testing:
We created a discord channel for our beta testers. If you applied to be a beta tester you should have received an email today with an invite link to the discord channel. While beta is still not open, we want to get all of the testers together so we can start active communication. If you want to become a beta tester send an email to [email protected] for an invite link.

We have been very busy building the partnerships Oodlebit needs to be a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange that will meet the expectations of our users.

1. Shufti Pro – Providing next generation end-to-end Identity Verification services. Oodlebit will use Shufti Pro to quickly verify and onboard new users.

2. CipherTrace – A blockchain forensics platform designed by world-class eCrime, Payment, and FinTech experts. Oodlebit will use CipherTrace for regulatory enforcement to stop criminal activity.

3. Simplex – A fintech company that provides worldwide fraud-free payment processing. Oodlebit users will be able to quickly purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top cryptocurrencies with their Credit Card or Bank Card. Purchased funds will typically show up within the user’s Oodlebit account within 30 minutes.

4. Prime Trust – A technology-driven financial institution that provides financial infrastructure solutions for the digital economy. With this banking partnership, Oodlebit users in select US states and Countries will be able to buy Bitcoin via Bank Wires. An official list of permitted locations will be available at a later date.


Oodlebit Exchange Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card or Bank Wire

5. Liquidity Provider – We established a partnership with one of the top liquidity providers in the world to make sure our books are full of orders from day one!

We are getting close to performing a full audit on our code base. We still have a few more functionalities to finish up before we can proceed, one being the Oodlebit API system. Once the API system is completed, we will feel comfortable with an audit being performed.

We promised more information about our Watchlist system in the last news release. The Watchlist is your own market pair favorite list and notification system to help you make better trade decisions. For example, If you’re frequently watching the ETH/BTC market pair you can add this to your Watchlist.


Oodlebit Watchlist

On the side of each market pair in your Watchlist is a gear icon, when clicked it pops up a box that allows you to create up to 20 Trigger Notifications based on your given metrics (Price, 24h Change %, 24h Volume). As an example, you could set a trigger to notify you when the Price of the ETH/BTC market is greater or equal to .04.

When a notification trigger is fired you will receive a message to your Notification Inbox and, or, your email address on file. Set your favorite mobile email client to notify you when you receive an email from Oodlebit and you will always know what’s going on in your favorite markets!


OODL coins:

Oodlebit OODL Coin
We want to remind all of you that Oodlebit has its own utility token “OODL” giving users reduced trading fees on the Oodlebit Exchange. You can earn OODL coins right now by joining our affiliate program here,¬† or you can learn more about OODL coins by clicking here.


We are getting closer every day to being able to give you a new cryptocurrency exchange that you will enjoy using. Thank you for your continued support, we hope you stay with us for the next update!

7 thoughts on “5 New Partnerships and Updates”

    1. Oodlebit Exchange Service Thank you very much.
      I am waiting for the Token Exchange. I am happy to see that the Oodlebit Exchange has made an unending breakthrough so that anyone can use the exchange with confidence.

      1. Shufti Pro – Next-generation end-to-end identity verification service -> Oodlebit quickly validates Shufti Pro users

      2. CipherTrace – Global eCrime, Payment and FinTech
       Oodlebit uses CipherTrace to prevent criminal activity

      3. Simplex – Provides worldwide fraud prevention payment processing ->
      Oodlebit users can quickly purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum and other premium cryptocurrencies using credit or debit cards

      4. Prime Trust – A technology-led financial institution that provides financial infrastructure solutions for the digital economy. Through this alliance, Oodlebit users in some US states and countries are able to purchase Bitcoin via bank wire
      5. Liquidity Provider – We are partnering with one of the world’s leading liquidity providers to provide services

      Oodlebit Exchange,
      Excellent project, I hope this project very successful, thanks you!

  1. Hey people, when are you going to open the trading of Miracletele??
    Have a nice day! i love stex the new stock exchange!

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