Beta testing dates announced

Hello everyone,

We’ll have two phases of beta testing that will pay Bitcoin and OODL coins for bugs found! Each beta phase will last a total of 15 days, for a total of 30 days beginning on August 1st. For maximum bug discovery beta will be open for everyone!

You can participate in the Oodlebit beta by joining our beta-testing Discord chat by clicking here:

Get Bitcoin for finding bugs:

General Participation Reward: To be announced.

Bug Report Rewards: We will pay Bitcoin and OODL coins depending on the severity of the bug reported. We will announce details on what a qualifying bug looks like, and how we judge the severity on August 1st.

Beta Phase 1 (Virtual), August 1st-15th 2019:

  1. Users can login with their account credentials, or create a new account.
  2. All accounts will be given virtual balances for all available coin assets. There will be no live balances in Phase 1 of testing.
  3. Deposits and Withdrawals will be disabled.
  4. KYC will not be required to test, as there will be no real cryptocurrency exchanging hands.

Beta Phase 2 (Live), August 16th-31st 2019:

  1. Users can login with their account credentials, or create a new account.
  2. Virtual balances will be cleared, and live balances will be enabled.
  3. Deposits and Withdrawals will be enabled.
  4. KYC will be required to use the platform.

Once all discovered bugs are fixed, we will transition the platform out of beta, and announce an official launch date, including a date when all OODL balances will be credited.

If you have any questions or concerns send us an email at [email protected] or join our Discord chat at

5 New Partnerships and Updates


With only a month left in the second quarter, we working very hard to finish up development, conduct a third party code audit, and start closed beta testing. While we still can not promise any dates we do have some exciting partnerships and updates to share with you today.

Live Server:
Our live server was successfully installed and is now fully up and running in an undisclosed co-location. This server will house the matching engine and more to seamlessly process our user’s trades.

Beta Testing:
We created a discord channel for our beta testers. If you applied to be a beta tester you should have received an email today with an invite link to the discord channel. While beta is still not open, we want to get all of the testers together so we can start active communication. If you want to become a beta tester send an email to [email protected] for an invite link.

We have been very busy building the partnerships Oodlebit needs to be a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange that will meet the expectations of our users.

1. Shufti Pro – Providing next generation end-to-end Identity Verification services. Oodlebit will use Shufti Pro to quickly verify and onboard new users.

2. CipherTrace – A blockchain forensics platform designed by world-class eCrime, Payment, and FinTech experts. Oodlebit will use CipherTrace for regulatory enforcement to stop criminal activity.

3. Simplex – A fintech company that provides worldwide fraud-free payment processing. Oodlebit users will be able to quickly purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top cryptocurrencies with their Credit Card or Bank Card. Purchased funds will typically show up within the user’s Oodlebit account within 30 minutes.

4. Prime Trust – A technology-driven financial institution that provides financial infrastructure solutions for the digital economy. With this banking partnership, Oodlebit users in select US states and Countries will be able to buy Bitcoin via Bank Wires. An official list of permitted locations will be available at a later date.


Oodlebit Exchange Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card or Bank Wire

5. Liquidity Provider – We established a partnership with one of the top liquidity providers in the world to make sure our books are full of orders from day one!

We are getting close to performing a full audit on our code base. We still have a few more functionalities to finish up before we can proceed, one being the Oodlebit API system. Once the API system is completed, we will feel comfortable with an audit being performed.

We promised more information about our Watchlist system in the last news release. The Watchlist is your own market pair favorite list and notification system to help you make better trade decisions. For example, If you’re frequently watching the ETH/BTC market pair you can add this to your Watchlist.


Oodlebit Watchlist

On the side of each market pair in your Watchlist is a gear icon, when clicked it pops up a box that allows you to create up to 20 Trigger Notifications based on your given metrics (Price, 24h Change %, 24h Volume). As an example, you could set a trigger to notify you when the Price of the ETH/BTC market is greater or equal to .04.

When a notification trigger is fired you will receive a message to your Notification Inbox and, or, your email address on file. Set your favorite mobile email client to notify you when you receive an email from Oodlebit and you will always know what’s going on in your favorite markets!


OODL coins:

Oodlebit OODL Coin
We want to remind all of you that Oodlebit has its own utility token “OODL” giving users reduced trading fees on the Oodlebit Exchange. You can earn OODL coins right now by joining our affiliate program here,  or you can learn more about OODL coins by clicking here.


We are getting closer every day to being able to give you a new cryptocurrency exchange that you will enjoy using. Thank you for your continued support, we hope you stay with us for the next update!

Oodlebit Exchange Second Quarter 2019 Update

Hello everyone, we are now in the second quarter of 2019 and we have made substantial progress since the last update.

By the end of April, the Oodlebit Alpha platform will be transferred from our test server over to our production servers bringing us one step closer to closed beta testing. Our closed beta will be invite only and will offer rewards in BTC and OODL coins for bug discovery and reporting. If you would like to participate in closed beta make sure to send us an email at [email protected] requesting an invite.

Before we open the closed beta test there’s still a good amount of development to finish up, this includes adding multiple language support, integrating a KYC system, finishing depositing/withdrawals, creating our user API, and more.

We understand everyone is anxious to see this project launch so we appreciate your ongoing support and patience as our team makes that a reality.

Today we will present you with a few screenshots taken from the Oodlebit Alpha platform showing our progress. (Make sure to click on the images to see full size versions).

Oodlebit Exchange Login
Oodlebit Exchange Login – Here you can see our Master Pin technology adding an extra layer of protection to your account. This key pad can not be key logged or sniffed, and is extremely difficult to record.
Oodlebit Exchange User Dashboard
Oodlebit Exchange User Dashboard – When you first login you will be met with your dashboard displaying your overall portfolio value, the latest cryptocurrency news, the performance of your individual coin assets, recent notifications, and activity.
Oodlebit Exchange Basic Trade Screen
Oodlebit Exchange Basic Trade Screen – This interface was designed for ease of use and quick trading. We’ve integrated news headlines specific to the market, a TradingView chart, an order book depth chart, an overall market history, your own market watch list with programmable conditions that will send you notifications when met (We will release an update on this in the future). Quick access to other markets and four order types to meet all your trading needs Limit, Market, Stop Limit, and Stop Loss.
Oodlebit Exchange Basic Trade Screen Night Mode
Oodlebit Exchange Basic Trade Screen Night Mode – For those of you that will be trading for long hours Night Mode will help take the strain off your eyes. You can turn this on by clicking on the Night Mode icon.
Oodlebit Exchange User Settings
Oodlebit Exchange User Settings – Here you can control the settings for your account, such as changing your email and password, viewing your login activity, change your default language and more.
Oodlebit Exchange User Security Settings
Oodlebit Exchange User Security Settings – This gives you a view into the available security options that are accessible within your security settings. Login Notifications, Short Session Times, Access Locking For Certain Pages, Master Pin, 2FA, Login Device control, and even the ability to Freeze your account until a set date so you can be sure your account is secure while your away.
Oodlebit Exchange User Wallets
Oodlebit Exchange User Wallets – Here you can view and manage your coin assets. We have made it easy to quickly search for your asset and hide all empty wallets.
Oodlebit Exchange User Transactions
Oodlebit Exchange User Transactions – This page holds all of your transaction history related to trading, depositing, and withdrawing. You can search for transactions by name and date, and export them to a CSV file.
Oodlebit Exchange User Notifications
Oodlebit Exchange User Notifications System – We built out a notifications system to keep you informed while using our platform. Trades, Deposits, Withdrawals, Support Ticket Updates, Admin Messages, and more will be sent to you via our notification system alerting you with a non-invasive pop up box and message count in the top right corner of the navigational menu. The more important notifications will be followed up with an email.
Oodlebit Exchange User Wallet Quick Access Example
Oodlebit Exchange User Wallet Quick Access Example – By hovering your mouse over the Markets or Wallets link you will be met with a Quick Access box that will give you the full functionality of those pages without navigating away from your current screen.

If you have any suggestions or ideas that will help make this a better platform for you please let us know on our Telegram chat or send us an email at [email protected]

Additional Questions and Answers:
1. Was there an ICO and what is the price of OODL coins?
We did not have an ICO. We are distributing our OODL coins through the Oodlebit affiliate program and through other promotions. Only around 10-20 percent of 100mm has been distributed so far.

2. When can I withdraw and trade my OODL coins?
Once we open the Oodlebit exchange your balance will be present in your Oodlebit account. You will then be able to withdraw and trade your balance after completing KYC.

3. When will you distribute Airdrop bot coins

Even thought the Telegram Airdrop bot is still available, the Airdrop has been over for months now, we have made multiple announcements. No coins will be distributed from the Airdrop bot any more.

Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for our next update!


October 2018 News Report

In Short

In the last month, current cryptocurrency trends have continued with the overall market dropping from 223.2B to 203.4B according to CoinMarketCap. Bitcoin has dropped from $6619 too roughly $6323. Cryptocurrency projects and companies have continued to boom however though with many new innovative ideas/projects still coming to light which makes the future of cryptocurrency bright.


Bitcoins White Paper is now 10 years old

October has celebrated the 10th anniversary of the original Bitcoin whitepaper. The original paper can be read here and was written by Satoshi Nakamoto who as we know is anonymous. Bitcoin has given a chance for people to compete with centralized financial services such as banks, and allow for a global digital currency. Although Bitcoin has changed since its first paper release in 2008, it has survived and boomed to a peak of roughly $19,000 USD. Bitcoin has come a long way and will continue to grow and work with innovative applications as the market has called for change.


Bank of America lanches a new blockchain patent

On October 30th Bank of America announced its plans to move its private key storage forward. The patent states the reasoning is such that “A need exists for a secure means for storing private cryptography keys. The desired storage means should reduce the risk of misappropriation of keys due to the keys being stored internally within a computing node that is frequently or, in some instances, continuously accessible via a public communication network, such as the Internet.” This is very important for blockchain technology as Bank of America, although a centralized company shows signs of real world use and application. Security has always been a concern in the blockchain/cryptocurrency market and so BoA could actually make some good advancements if they are able to complete what they aim to. Oodlebit which is launching in early 2019, is also taking the initiative of prioritizing security.

Coinbase Cuts Employees

According to Yahoo Finance Coinbase has recently cut an undisclosed amount of workers in the customer support, compliance, and fraud departments. Cryptocurrency exchanges should pride themselves on customer support which has been an issue with past exchanges like Poloniex. Fraud detection and compliance is also a big challenge for cryptocurrency exchanges as regulation has recently been a huge concern. So by cutting some important roles, Coinbase is going to face many challenges moving forward. At Oodlebit we want to put the customer first, and so we offer state of the art customer service that is dedicated to supporting any needs.

Possibly a new Hardware wallet


On October 23rd, Sony announced plans to create a new hardware wallet that could have many new use cases. The smart card technology would be able to communicate with Bitcoin and allow for safer transactions when dealing with it. This isn’t the first time Sony has worked in the blockchain sector, Sony has launched two different patents. (1 and 2 ) It is not guaranteed that Sony would launch a cryptocurrency product since it has not publicly announced, but if Sony does decide to launch the product it would greatly increase the utilization of cryptocurrency.

September 2018 News Reports

In short

September has been a very active month for cryptocurrencies, as prices have seemed to be soaring rapidly in both directions. Regulation seems to have been moving at a slightly slower pace which is typical, and some big fortune 500 companies have announced plans to develop blockchain experiments.


Austria and Ethereum

On September 25th Kleinezeitung announced that the Austrian government will be using the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate the opening of over $1,000,000,000 worth of purchasable government bonds. The Oesterreichische Kontrollbank or OeKB bank plans on opening this transaction. This news is very important because it shows the interest in blockchain technology as financial instruments being used by top global banks. In order to grow the advancement of cryptocurrency, institutions need to be adopting the technology and so this is certainly a good step in the right direction.

Wall street Journal Study


On September 28th the Wall street Journal conducted a study which found that over $88,000,000 of illegal funds have been exchanged through cryptocurrency exchanges. The Wall Street Journal conducted their study by looking at over two thousand “blacklisted” addresses and then following the links between the transactions. There are a number of different problems that could arise from this experiment though, one being the purchase of legal goods. If a hacker has stolen 1 BTC and then sends it to a vendor which in return sends the coin to an exchange after sending the product/service to the hacker. The money is not being funneled or hidden using an exchange, but rather being traded legally at that point. So the extent to which the coins are used is not clearly defined. Using exchanges to facilitate illegal transactions has been proven to be minimal, with regulatory laws such as the KYC/AML. At oodlebit we take the regulatory laws very seriously and you can check out our policies and procedures on our website.



Regulatory Clarity needed

CNBC reported that members of the United States Congress are asking for more clarity around cryptocurrency regulatory practices/rules. These regulatory clarifications are not simply aimed at Bitcoin, but all cryptocurrency as Congress has identified the practice of ICO’s and other forms of cryptocurrency coins/tokens. Different government entities classify bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies differently, like the IRS, CTF, CFTC and SEC all have different ideas. This puts businesses and customers wondering what will actually happen to cryptocurrencies from a regulatory state. It is good that some sort of regulatory urgency coming from Congress at trying to understand the exact classification of cryptocurrency since it is damaging everyone who is involved.


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Oodlebit does not participate in proprietary trading


Our Commitments

At Oodlebit we are a peoples exchange, and so we pride ourselves with being open and transparent. In order to comply with our values, we would like to make it clear that in no way shape or form do we proprietary trade. The foundation in which the exchange was created on, are still core and principal values that have continued and will be honored.

Read: Our commitments are important, read more about what we are prioritizing.


Investopedia defines proprietary trading as

when a firm or bank invests for its own direct market gain instead of earning commission dollars by trading on behalf of its clients. This type of trading occurs when a firm decides to profit from the market rather than from the thin-margin commissions it makes from processing trades.

Oodlebit is an exchange in which allows customers to find buyers on a liquidated platform. Oodlebit helps facilitate the trades between different cryptocurrency pairings and does not trade any money for the benefit of the company. So in short, Oodlebit will not be making any proprietary trades or trades against customers. Money avenues that are earned will be directly outlined and transparent, available for all customers to read. When trades are completed and executed they are done so after an order from a customer has been made.



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Cryptocurrency in Higher Education

Oodlebit is working day in and day out on the new software that will be released for trading in 2019, but we are also working on creating educational tools to help people transition into the cryptocurrency market. We know how important it is to engage users and train users to make the best decisions when trading cryptocurrency, and so we are dedicated to releasing top educational content around the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Higher Education Stats


New interest has emerged from top universities in which a recent study done by Qriously has shown that over 40% of the top 50 universities globally are offering at least one cryptocurrency course. Stanford University comes in at rank #1 for offering 10 different cryptocurrency courses and is still building new classes.

Different departments are holding cryptocurrency courses like finance and other subjects, which is different from the typical computer science. This means that people across different backgrounds are interested in blockchain and can see it shaping the world, which is why we want to get everyone involved. Blockchain shows a lot of promising avenues in innovation which has likely caused the stir with college/university students to request more classes.

The rise in cryptocurrency/blockchain courses is not only prevalent in a substantial amount of the top 50 schools, but it is also seen in some online classrooms and many other colleges/universities. Which is why the Qriously study showed that more than half of social science majors were interested in taking a cryptocurrency class, but are not taking one due to its select nature in schools. Every year blockchain and cryptocurrency will grow in schools, which will allow more people to get a first-hand sight at its amazing features, and help grow the open source technology that we can see in some projects today. Exploring the opportunities in the blockchain space will help more companies advance their databases and allow them to track products/services more effectively.

In the same Qriously study, over 15% of students with “experience” in cryptocurrency owned it, while only 9% of students had taken a class before. This means that students are likely buying cryptocurrency without the recommend knowledge of the technology which is going to hurt the short-term success of cryptocurrency. It is beneficial that we help and guide those who are interested in cryptocurrency and teach them the valuable skills before they purchase the coins/tokens. This will allow more people to be comfortable when making a purchase, and possibly help make more effective decisions.


Looking to the future

Blockchain systems are not going away, and regardless of a take on cryptocurrencies as a financial tool, this statement stays true. Big fortune 500 companies are starting to test blockchain systems and better understand the use cases of this technology. This new technology will build a brand new economy for jobs and so it is important to prep people for the future job market in blockchain technology.


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Cryptocurrency Markets are back up after some heavy weeks

Hodlers see some good days 

According to CoinmarketCap Bitcoin has been able to move past $6700 while Ethereum holds above $220. Ripple has seen some huge gains as it is up over 50% today. This is all good and well, but where is the cryptocurrency market actually headed?

*At Oodlebit we do not pressure or recommend investments in cryptocurrency, we simply offer an innovative tool to facilitate transactions/exchanges.

Tim Draper’s bold prediction

Dealstreetasia reports that Tim Draper (a cryptocurrency venture capitalist) believes the cryptocurrency market will reach $80 trillion within 15 years. Tim is quoted as saying

The internet started in the same way, it came in big waves and then it kind of came crashing down, and then the next wave comes concentrated but much bigger, and I suspect the same thing will go on here (with bitcoin)”


Currently, the cryptocurrency market is evaluated at $224.8B which means that the market will need to 356X in 15 years to meet the expectations of Tim.


In a Bloomsburg Interview Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum) stated

If you talk to the average educated person at this point, they probably have heard of blockchain at least once. There isn’t an opportunity for yet another 1,000-times growth in anything in the space anymore.

Vitalik Buterin then went on to clarify saying that in order to have growth we need some utility. Only a small fraction of the investors in cryptocurrency today are using ETH tokens on Dapps, but rather holding them as an investment.

A new governance in Ethereum?

ERC777 is a new model that could replace the standard ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum platform. This plan was created by Jordi Baylina, Jacques Dafflon, and Thomas Shababi. This new model would give tokens an easier transaction function but would allow smart contract coders a way to step into transaction disputes. This new system would allow a “hook” to block certain addresses, and allow owners to handle disputes. This proposed system isn’t new though, it was introduced back n November 2017, and is still being debated today by the community.  This is certainly a debate and topic that investors/cryptocurrency enthusiasts should not overlook.


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Cryptocurrency Events in August-September 2018

Eminem Mentions Bitcoin in his brand new album

On August 31, 2018, Forbes breaks the story that in Eminem’s new album he mentions Bitcoin. During the song Not Alike Royce Da 5’9 says

Remember everybody used to bite Nickel, now everybody doing bitcoin.

This might not seem super important since Eminem nor Royce Da 5’9 have particular notable cryptocurrency influence, however, it does show the change in society. Bitcoin still isn’t at mainstream adoption yet, but as the spike of December 2017 occurred people are now becoming more and more interested in cryptocurrency. Many different rappers have joined the cryptocurrency wagon, and many of these rappers are a plug into the younger generation which is something cryptocurrency is targeting.

CBOE plans on adding Ethereum Futures in 2018

The Chicago Board Options Exchange or CBOE is planning on launching Ethereum Futures as early as 2018 according to Business Insider. Gemini will be used to price the token in the future contracts which it already uses with its Bitcoin contracts. This opens up a brand new market for Ethereum and will allow some institutional investors to make bets on the market. Buying a futures contract does not mean the Ethereum Token will necessarily be bought however it does bring added value to Ethereum. The overall futures market with Bitcoin has shown to be successful and beneficial.


Commercial Bank of China shows interest in blockchain technology  

On September 1st, 2018 Bianews announced that the Commercial Bank of China will be taking a good look into blockchain technology. Cointelegraph states that the Commercial Bank of China has over 530,000,000 customers. China has been particularly grey in the realm of cryptocurrency as some regulations have hurt the innovations of cryptocurrency in the country, while some positive advancements like the Commercial Bank of China taking a look at blockchain have been made. Regardless of if blockchain technology is actually being used in the financial instruments within the bank, it is a good step in the right direction that the bank is familiarizing with its beneficial technology. If the bank does not use blockchain, it is at least an option for other banks or new projects to adapt its technology and create a competitive advantage.


IBM and Stellar payment network

IBM in a recent blog post has announced that “IBM Blockchain World Wire makes it possible for financial institutions to clear and settle cross-border payments in seconds.” The platform in which IBM is building on is the Stellar protocol, and so they plan on allowing users to actively connect to different Blockchain World Wire API’s to current fiat to digital currency. IBM’s current market cap is over $132,000,000,000 and so they have a potential to invest a lot of money into their blockchain technology endeavors. Any advancements that can be made are a positive step forward even in centralized companies like IBM. The beautiful space that we love is open for anyone to develop and release products, and so seeing IBM attempted to get their foot on the ground is something to keep an eye on. Many different benefits exist within blockchain technology that can help the financial transactional space like low fees, fast payment processing, increased efficiency and so much more. This makes it important for financial businesses to be interested in blockchain technology and build on it.


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Introducing our Commitments

Our priority at Oodlebit is to create an open global market for crypto assets. We know that in order to do this, we are going to have to work with many different customer needs. This is why we have been busy creating advanced charting tools and the latest financial API’s to ensure you have the best experience.


Today, we will discuss Oodlebit’s commitment to community members all across the world.


Priority One: Create a fair and working environment to trade


Our Steps:

  • Launching a Fast trading platform with multiple liquid trading pairs such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and EOS among others
  • Fair Trading Fees with OODL coin benefits
  • Hiring talented and motivated C# developers

Priority Two: Protecting customers with advanced security protocols, and good infrastructure practices.

Our Steps:

  • Offering multiple personal security measures such as Master Pins, and 2FA authentication
  • Monitoring suspicious activity using powerful software development applications, such as unusual trading patterns, unusual withdraws, and other malicious activities.
  • Saving automatic backups of our data, and saving it in multiple locations for safe keeping.


Priority Three: Communicating Clear and Precious Rules

Our Steps:

  • Publishing educational content surrounding our fee structures
  • Staying consistent on social media and updating the community with new integrations or problems
  • Recording all problems that occur with the trading application or uptime of any application
  • Publicly announcing rules regarding prohibited trading practices
  • Promote an active list of Company Policies and Procedures(Including Insider Trading Policies)

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In an ongoing effort to expand and grow our exchange, we are giving away 50 OODL coins with 60 days of free trading to the first 30,000 users. Visit to learn more about our amazing offers.

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