Cryptocurrency in Higher Education

Oodlebit is working day in and day out on the new software that will be released for trading in 2019, but we are also working on creating educational tools to help people transition into the cryptocurrency market. We know how important it is to engage users and train users to make the best decisions when trading cryptocurrency, and so we are dedicated to releasing top educational content around the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Higher Education Stats


New interest has emerged from top universities in which a recent study done by Qriously has shown that over 40% of the top 50 universities globally are offering at least one cryptocurrency course. Stanford University comes in at rank #1 for offering 10 different cryptocurrency courses and is still building new classes.

Different departments are holding cryptocurrency courses like finance and other subjects, which is different from the typical computer science. This means that people across different backgrounds are interested in blockchain and can see it shaping the world, which is why we want to get everyone involved. Blockchain shows a lot of promising avenues in innovation which has likely caused the stir with college/university students to request more classes.

The rise in cryptocurrency/blockchain courses is not only prevalent in a substantial amount of the top 50 schools, but it is also seen in some online classrooms and many other colleges/universities. Which is why the Qriously study showed that more than half of social science majors were interested in taking a cryptocurrency class, but are not taking one due to its select nature in schools. Every year blockchain and cryptocurrency will grow in schools, which will allow more people to get a first-hand sight at its amazing features, and help grow the open source technology that we can see in some projects today. Exploring the opportunities in the blockchain space will help more companies advance their databases and allow them to track products/services more effectively.

In the same Qriously study, over 15% of students with “experience” in cryptocurrency owned it, while only 9% of students had taken a class before. This means that students are likely buying cryptocurrency without the recommend knowledge of the technology which is going to hurt the short-term success of cryptocurrency. It is beneficial that we help and guide those who are interested in cryptocurrency and teach them the valuable skills before they purchase the coins/tokens. This will allow more people to be comfortable when making a purchase, and possibly help make more effective decisions.


Looking to the future

Blockchain systems are not going away, and regardless of a take on cryptocurrencies as a financial tool, this statement stays true. Big fortune 500 companies are starting to test blockchain systems and better understand the use cases of this technology. This new technology will build a brand new economy for jobs and so it is important to prep people for the future job market in blockchain technology.


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